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1. Cream Cheese no longer in system. 2/17/17.
Baked cheesecake batter replaces cream cheese in Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast and Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast recipes.  
2. French Toast recipe updated 1/12/17.
Only made-from-scratch yeast roll bread can be used for French Toast.  
3. Recipes referring to scratch-made Texas Toast updated 1/12/17.
A new, frozen product is to be used for sandwiches and Texas Toast.  
4. Texas Toast (Yeast Roll) Bread recipe updated 1/12/17.
This recipe has been renamed to French Toast Bread to clarify that scratch made (yeast roll) bread is only used for French Toast. Texas Toast is no longer made from scratch.  
5. Salmon Lemonada recipe updated 1/4/17.
Adjusted the amount of lemon herb butter sauce/pico de gallo mixture used on salmon.  
6. Bread Pudding recipe updated 12/22/16.
Made-from-scratch mixture has been archived.  
7. Steak Fries recipe updated 12/8/16.
Fry time increased to 3 ½ minutes.