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1. Updated Fajita Serving recipe 9/16/16.
Option to serve either chicken or steak, or both. Jalapeno garnish is optional.  
2. Updated Strawberries (Prep) recipe 9/13/16.
Removing green cap for fresh strawberries is optional.  
3. Sirloin Steaks (Meat Prep) recipe updated 9/13/16.
New requirement to only stack meat tubs three layers thick. Colander insert not required.  
4. New Drop and Fry recipes added 9/8/16.
Check fry times and photographs on new recipes for drop and fry items.  
5. Updated Chicken Salad recipes 8/24/16.
Can only use white meat.  
6. Cupcakes and Variety Muffins updated 8/12/16.
Recipes can be used for minis or larger varieties.  
7. Cheesecake updated 8/11/16.
Using pre-made batter.  
8. White Queso Sauce recipe 8/5/16.
Added QA point about reconstituting.  
9. Italian Sausage recipe 8/4/16.
Changed from rope to link.  
10. Grilled recipes updated 7/5/16.
Many recipes now can be started on the flame grill and finished on the flat.  
11. Cake recipes 6/13/16.
Changed to larger, single layers.  
12. Choc. and German Choc. Cakes 5/30/16.
Changed to square single layers.