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1. Food Safety tip added to Salmon recipes 5/9/16.
Remove Salmon from Cryovac when thawing.  
2. Fry time increased for Chicken Tenders 3/31/16.
Chicken Tenders fry time increased to 3 1/2 minutes.  
3. Diced Eggs recipe updated 3/7/16.
Includes pre-diced eggs. Must be thawed under refrigeration.  
4. Pre-made salads and dressing recipes 3/7/16.
Added recipes for new pre-made salads and dressings.  
5. Onion (Prep) and Pepper (Prep) recipes updted 3/7/16.
Includes simplified cutting procedures.  
6. Pre-made donuts recipe added 3/7/16.
Pre-made (frozen) donut recipe available.  
7. Brownie recipe updated 3/7/16.
New cut (6x8) for brownies.  
8. Total shelf life extended on some hot bar vegetables 3/3/16.
Corn, cabbage, carrots and greens can be held in food warmer 3-4 hours.  
9. Unbaked shelf life added to casserole recipes 3/3/16.
Casseroles can be prepared ahead of time and held refrigerated.  
10. Yeast Roll recipe updated 3/9/16.
Shelf life of baked mini yeast roll stored covered increased to 24 hours.  
11. Baked Fish recipe updated 1/27/16.
Yellow Rice can be used under Baked Fish.