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1. New recipes released beginning 11/30/15.
Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Yellow Rice, Sauced Chicken Legs, and German Choc. Brownies.  
2. Pork Loin, Sliced recipe updated 12/22/15.
Changed to Roast Beef Seasoning. Removed option to serve sliced in pan with vegetables.  
3. Menu updated 12/22/15.
Peaches n Cream Waffle added at Breakfast. Burrito choice added for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Company restaurants.  
4. Omelette recipe updated 12/28/15.
Onions, peppers, and mushrooms can be held raw and sautéed to order.  
5. Ground Pork (Meat Prep) recipe updated 12/29/15.
Use 3/16" grinding plate for ground pork.  
6. Baked Fish recipe updated 1/27/16.
Yellow Rice can be used under Baked Fish.