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1. Breakfast Burrito, Sausage Gravy, Sausage Patty recipes updated 5/28/15.
Updated to include the use of frozen sausage patties.  
2. Prep Category recipes updated 5/12/15.
Prep Category recipes updated/simplified. Shelf life increases, new cut options. Changes highlighted in blue.  
3. Pot Roast and Steamed Carrots recipes updated 5/15/15.
Sliced carrots can be used in place of baby carrots. Changes highlighted in blue.  
4. July 6th Menu updated 6/25/15.
Effective July 6th, Fried Vegetable Choice removed, Casserole removed, Greens category has additional offerings, Regional Protein category has additional options. Changes highlighted in blue.  
5. Maple Syrup recipe updated 6/25/15.
When served in drip cut dispenser, not required to be heated. Changes in blue.  
6. Omelette recipe updated 7/28/15.
Updated to include Sautéed Spinach in ingredient choices. Change highlighted in blue. Two new recipes: Western Omelette and Veggie Lover's Omelette.  
7. Menu updated 7/29/15.
Effective August 10th, Sautéed Spinach required at Omelette Station. Chicken Fried Steak required as regional option in Company OKC and Texas restaurants. Lime wedges new optional condiment. Changes highlighted in blue.  
8. Ground Beef Patty (Oval) recipe updated 8/3/15.
For smaller portion size, ground beef (oval) patties can range from 4-6 oz. Changes highlighted in blue.  
9. Menu updated 8/6/15.
Effective August 10th, Pico de Gallo no longer required on Omelette Station, making room for required Diced Tomatoes.