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Jambalaya recipe updated 5/4/15.
Ingredient change. Total shelf life and display shelf life increase. Changes highlighted in blue.  
Fried Fish recipe updated 5/6/15.
Updated available breaders. Change highlighted in blue.  
Prep Category recipes updated 5/12/15.
Prep Category recipes updated/simplified. Shelf life increases, new cut options. Changes highlighted in blue.  
Pot Roast and Steamed Carrots recipes updated 5/15/15.
Sliced carrots can be used in place of baby carrots. Changes highlighted in blue.  
Breakfast Burrito, Sausage Gravy, Sausage Patty recipes updated 5/28/15.
Updated to include the use of frozen sausage patties.  
July 6th Menu updated 6/25/15
Effective July 6th, Fried Vegetable Choice removed, Casserole removed, Greens category has additional offerings, Regional Protein category has additional options. Changes highlighted in blue.  
Menu updated 7/29/15
Effective August 10th, Sautéed Spinach required at Omelette Station. Chicken Fried Steak required as regional option in OKC and Texas restaurants. Lime wedges new optional condiment. Changes highlighted in blue.